Make Up Tricks: A Facelift without Surgery

In the last decade or so, the rise of cosmetic procedures has been unprecedented. In the USA alone, about 9.5 million cosmetic surgeries have been performed in 2011 (American Society for Plastic Surgery). Thinking of nose surgery, cheek augmentation or lip reduction but you are not ready? Fake it with makeup!
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For a slimmer nose, you should contour using dark brown matte eye shadow (two shades darker than my skin tone). Starting from the end of the eyebrow, draw a line using small eye shadow brush down to the tip of the nose. Then blend the edge with a fluffy brush for a more natural finish. You can also sweep a bit of highlighter along the nose bridge to accentuate your “new” nose.
For fuller lips, outline your lips with a liner close to your natural lip color. Then fill in lips with the same liner, followed with lipstick, and then dab a high shine gloss at the center of your lips. If you want to reduce the size of your lips, apply foundation on lips, draw your desired shape with a lip liner, apply lipstick but omit the gloss.

Do you want a slimmer face? Redefine your eyebrows. If you have round face, go for high arched brows. For a more natural look, use a brow pencil or powder eye shadow that closely matches your brow or hair color. Outline the edge of your brows, and then make an arch at the center of your eyes. With a small angle brush, lightly fill in the space and blend towards the direction of hair growth. Finish by sweeping highlighter on brow arch.

Want bigger eyes? Do a cat-eye. Application is a bit tricky but practice makes perfect. To make it a little less dramatic for daywear, seal it with brown eye shadow instead of black. Here’s a black eyeliner trick you can try today.