Cosmetic Procedures

Chin Enhancement & Augmentation

Chin Augmentation/Reshaping is intended to bring harmony to one’s facial features. The chin can be reshaped in a number of different ways, the most popular of which includes the placement of an implant and recontouring of the soft tissue surrounding the bone. The Chin Augmentation takes approximately 1 ½ hours at our on site surgery center. This same day surgery is an outpatient procedure, with IV anesthesia provided. Incisions can be made intra-orally leaving no visible scars, or small incisions can be made under the chin. These options will be discussed further with Dr. Sawisch during your consultation. A head garment will be applied following your surgery and worn for 1 week. Sutures normally dissolve within 2 weeks and most patients can return to work at 7-10 days. Swelling and bruising typically lasts 1week, but Arnica tablets are recommended to reduce bruising and speed healing. Patients may experience temporary numbness to the lower lip and/or chin depending on which technique is performed.

*Please note all Before & After photography participants are actual patients of Dr. Todd Sawisch. The above photography reflects actual results with no digital alteration or photographic enhancement. Participating patients of Dr Todd Sawisch have given permission and granted use of their images and likeness for this purpose.