Rhinoplasty: To Fit Your Face

Dr Sawisch: Thumbnail

For some individuals, it may be painfully clear that the size or shape of their nose is not attractive. Disproportion can create imbalance among the rest of the face, detracting from more eye-catching features. What is not always as obvious is what changes should be made for a more appealing appearance and balance.

Every person has their own unique look. Therefore it is impossible to define a perfect nose that will fit everyone. Face shape, age, ethnicity and even personality are important factors in determining the ideal nose for a person. Despite varying physical differences, there are widely accepted views on what constitutes a “perfect nose.” Nasal features that are associated with images of beauty are a straight bridge, narrow tip, a slight dip in the transition from bridge to tip, and an appropriate projection and width ratio. Mathematics can help to determine the ideal nose that will enhance the harmony of a person’s face. Rhinoplasty procedures must be tailored to the individual, as there is no cookie cutter nose that will balance every face. If you are going to have a rhinoplasty procedure, it is imperative that you and your surgeon take time to openly discuss goals and expectations of your surgery together. This will help aid in a successful outcome!