The Best Place to Get Cosmetic Fillers

As a snowbird from NYC, I had really no idea where to go for cosmetic fillers. My practitioner at home had given me a name, but instead I took to the Internet and asked for ‘the best place to get cosmetic fillers.’ That is how I found Dr. Sawisch and it was the best find of my stay in South Florida this season!

Even before I met the good doctor, his Cosmetic Coordinator answered all my questions; gave me great directions to the office; and in general offered a great overview of the practice. I was also equally impressed with the front desk staff including the person who takes the before/after photos along with doctor’s assistants and other staff who work at the facility. It is sparkling clean and comfortable as well! Then, I met Dr. Sawisch. As an oral surgeon, he understands facial muscles. The filler that he used for my main concern at the time was Juvederm. I like that particular filler but not all doctors want to use it in the cheek area because in order to achieve the best results that will last the longest, you have to use enough.

What was the most significant difference here after the initial overview, etc., was the manner in which Dr. Sawisch works. He sculpts the area to be treated analyzing the angles of the face so that each injection produces symmetric results. Dr. Sawisch spent considerable time with me to do this as he worked on my face. The results were just what I wanted to achieve. Doctor Sawisch goes out of his way to do as much or as little as your comfort zone will allow! A follow up visit is encouraged, and I have had additional injections since this initial one back in December. I realize that the results are temporary but the boost in my self-confidence is permanent.

We are getting ready to head home now but when I return next season, one of my first stops will be at my new friends’ place. The offices of Dr. Todd Sawisch!